Pianella is a charming town in Abruzzo, famous for the production of oil and sheep meat, which is her best result in the excellent cuisine, characteristic of the area. Pianella has a rich history and it seems that the first historical documents concerning Pianella date back precisely to 963 AD, when Pandolfo, Prince of Capua, decided the construction, the Temple of Vesta, the Basilica of St. Mary Major, now a national monument. Enchanting are the many narrow streets of the old town, where you can see the corners filled with flowers and red brick balconies that bring the memory back. Antica Dimora Pianella is located in the center town of Pianella, a short walk from the main square, the Cathedral of Saint Antonio and the shops.


Railway station Chieti, 15km
Railway station Pescara, 20km

Gran Sasso National Park, 30km
Sirente-Velino Natural Park, 101km
Majella National Park, 55km
Trabocchi coast, 50km
Loreto Aprutino, 10km
Penne lake, 22km
Montesilvano, 25km
Pescara, 20km
Ortona, 43km
Chieti, 18km